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25 Mar 2015
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Tui's range of high quality small animal and bird treats will soon be updated to Tui's new look with fresh new packaging! Your treasured pets and feathered friends deserve the best. Tui's treat range includes energy-packed nuggets that your... More
13 May 2014
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I got a chicken house for Christmas, it is one of the best presents I have ever received. Waking up to fresh eggs, you have collected from your own chickens in your own garden is heaven. I had wanted chooks for ages, I had them years ago, but... More
13 May 2014
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Tui has a fresh new look, which means the pet packaging will be updated soon. Keep a look out for the new packaging instore (pictured above). The Tui Pet website has also been updated to reflect our new look and redesigned to improve user... More
20 Feb 2014
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Treat your feathered friends to a Tui Bird Seed Bell. Providing an alternative to a feeder, it will give them days of entertainment and nutrition while using their natural pecking instincts to pull apart the bell. They are also ideal for... More