• Bird Feeding Guide

    Bird Feeding Guide

    The following diet suggestions are to be used as a guide to help bird lovers learn more about the their diet.  
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  • Tui Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats

    Tui Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats

    Your treasured pets deserve the best. Tui Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats are energy-packed nuggets that your pets will love to eat. Specially blended in New Zealand from high quality ingredients, packed with fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, Tui Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats are the perfect indulgence for your treasured friend. Analysis: Crude Protein (max) 17%Crude Fat (min) 8%Crude Fibre (min) 24%
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  • Tui Budgie Mix

    Tui Budgie Mix

    Budgies are one of the most popular species of birds kept as pets due to their friendly and playful nature. They are inexpensive to keep and are low maintenance birds. Budgies need room to stretch their wings, flutter about and climb around the cage and get some exercise. Budgie diet is the key to having a healthy budgie. A budgie diet must be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables often so they do not become overweight. Budgies also enjoy the occasional millet sprays and treats. Contains a high quality blend of: White Millet, Hungarian Millet, Hulled Oats, and Canary Seed.
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  • Top Tips for Keeping Chickens

    Top Tips for Keeping Chickens

    Chickens are such easy and fun animals to keep. They are social creatures that enjoy open spaces, plenty to eat and a good source of fresh water.
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